Want To Pursue A Career In Information Technology?

Why You Should Consider Enrolling In A Computer Network Support Specialist Program in Southern Florida.

Does this sound like a familiar story to you? When family or friends can’t figure out what’s wrong with their computer, you’re the first person they call.

If you’re known as the go to “fix it” person amongst your family or friends when it comes to computers or someone who enjoys reading up on all the latest tech news, there’s a good chance a career in computer network support could be the calling you’ve been searching for.

Your Ideal IT Career Would Include the Following:

Find out if pursuing a degree in computer network support is right for you by reviewing the following statements. There are no right or wrong answers, simply take note if you agree or disagree with the following statements.

I would like to work with technology on a daily basis

I would consider myself to be an effective communicator

I would like to work in a field that is evolving

I would consider myself someone who is a skilled problem solver 

I would prefer to work in a position where I can help others

Whether you answered yes to one or all of these statements, it’s likely that a career in computer network administration could be a great match. As a computer network specialist, you’ll provide support to people and organizations using software and equipment. In addition, you’ll also likely be responsible for duties such as troubleshooting network problems, training users and/or staff on new technology, advising people on software integration and performing regular maintenance to ensure maximum network efficiency.

CBT’s Miami Computer Network Support Specialist Degree at a Glance

In order to secure high-quality employment opportunities as a computer network support specialist, you will need to become a certified computer technician. Not sure how to prepare? CBT Technology Institute can help. Students enrolled in the Computer Network Support Specialist Program at CBT are given the tools and resources they need to successfully begin a career in IT. Available at all CBT Technology Institute Florida locations, this 12-month program provides the fundamental foundation and hands-on learning graduates need to succeed. Throughout the program, students are exposed to courses that cover concepts such as Microsoft Technology Applications, Computer Maintenance & Troubleshooting, A+ Certification Preparation, Network Essentials, and even Network+ Certification Preparation just to name a few.

Graduates from the program are also able to enjoy a highly lucrative job market. In fact, the job market is expected to grow faster than average at 17% from 2012-2022 for computer support specialists according to the Bureaus of Labor Statistics, making this career choice one of the most stable and favorable options for recent graduates. In addition, due to the fact that computer support specialists utilize a wide variety of skills while on the job they are also able to enjoy the advantages of being able to work in a wide range of industries. From small firms to large Fortune 500 companies the demand for talented support specialists is here.

If a career as a computer network support specialist sounds like something you may be interested in, take the time today to learn more about this incredible opportunity. Contact CBT Technology Institute admissions directly, or click here to explore all that our computer network support specialist program has to offer.

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