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10 #Collegehacks you need to know to get ahead

College can be a very difficult, follow these hacks to make your life easier

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College can be a very difficult time for some students, specially if you are enrolled in a career college in Florida because you are expected to learn and understand a huge amount of information in a very short space of time.

Thankfully, there are some things or “hacks” that you can do to make this experience at a career college a bit easier. Fast-track your way to a successful trade career in Miami, Florida, and take a look at some of these hacks now.

Use Lollies as Motivation

One of the hardest things for students to do is get motivated to study. Space lollies out along the page. When you have read and taken notes on that section, you can eat the lolly.

Use Lollies as Motivation

Color code your notes

Making high-quality notes is one of the best ways to remember information. Colour coding ensures that you think about the information you are writing down. It will also make it easier for you to revise when studying for an exam.

Take high-quality notes in lectures

During lectures, the teacher will usually talk through everything that will be covered that week. By paying attention during the lecture and taking notes, you will be more likely to remember the information. This is because you will be learning the information twice; once in the lecture and once in the textbook readings. By taking technical courses at your local Miami Dade County Community College, you can be present in class and get more out of every lecture.

Improve your GPA during the first few semesters

In the first few semesters you will probably study the easiest subjects as you get settled into the college. This means that it is easy for you to get great marks on these subjects. This is essential to producing a great Grade Point Average (GPA).

Put your phone In a glass

This will make the alarm sound louder. You will also need to remove it from the glass to hit the snooze button.

Put your phone In a glass

Make your lock screen your class schedule

By doing this you will better remember your schedule, because every time you turn on your phone you will see it.

Use an egg carton to prevent your laptop overheating

By sitting an egg carton on your lap when using your laptop, you can prevent it overheating because the egg carton absorbs the heat. This will help you study for longer.

Fold your clothes vertically

This will allow you to see your whole wardrobe at a glance and make it easy for you to decide what clothes to you want to wear that day. Saving time choosing clothes means that you can spend more time studying and working hard to achieve your goals.

Fold your clothes vertically

During a presentation, get your friends to ask easy questions

At the end of presentations there should always be a space for questions. If you enlist your friends to ask questions that you can answer it will show the teacher that you know your stuff.

Use sticky notes to clean your keyboard

Sticky notes are the perfect way of cleaning your keyboard. The sticky end will fit between the keys and all the dirt will get stuck to it.

Career College Hacks

Hopefully, you will experiment with these ideas to see how they can help you improve your grades. If you’re thinking about studying at a technical college in Miami Florida, contact CBT Technology Institute today as we have plenty of great courses to choose from!

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