4 Potential Career Paths For Graduates With A Degree In Network Administration

Information Technology Degrees in Miami Will Help You Find The Career Of Your Dreams

Do you have a passion for technology? Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy working on computers? If so, there’s a good chance that a career in network administration could be a great fit for you. A background in network administration can provide you the tools you need to apply for various positions within the in-demand field of computer science. Due to a growing dependence on computers, the skills of trained network administrators are needed by countless industries.

If you’ve ever considered going back to school to pursue a Degree in Network Administration in Miami, Florida, here are 4 potential career paths to consider.


 1.) Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists, as you might have already guessed, provide technical support and assistance. Problem-solvers, computer support specialists help customers identify and solve hardware and software issues. However, computer support specialists can also provide assistance internally within an organization, often helping employees troubleshoot and resolve technical problems they are experiencing. Find a great job in this field with a Computer Network Support Specialist Degree in Miami from a certified Miami trade school like CBT Technical Institute.


 2.) Network Administrator

What would a career look like as a network administrator? Responsible for keeping an organization’s computer networks running smoothly, network administrators organize, install and support systems. Rarely are any two days alike for network administration professionals. In fact, job duties can be as diverse as analyzing user reports regarding service interruptions to connecting cables between servers and nodes.


 3.) Database Manager

Are you a big data fan? If so, a career in database management could be right up your alley. What does a database manager do? Database managers deal with data or in other words, an organization’s information. From financial records to customer records, database managers are responsible for effectively organizing and managing a vast amount of information. In addition, database managers are often in charge of tasks such as configuring hardware, designing and implementing new systems, developing disaster recovery solutions and more.


 4.) Help-desk Analyst

What’s a day like in the life of a help-desk analyst? Technical problem solvers, help-desk analysts provide organizations with vital support. Typically diagnosing problems over the phone, help-desk analysts often work to resolve technical issues for employees. At many organizations, it is common practice to have a specific help hotline dedicated to this type of support. How does it work? Employees simply call in with an issue needing attention, while help-desk analysts work to find an effective solution.

 These are just some of the potential career paths that are possible with a South Florida Certification in Network Administration. If you’ve ever considered going back to school the time to act is now! With a favorable and diverse employment outlook, a career in network administration offers a number of exciting opportunities. Whether you’re considering pursuing a career as a help-desk analyst or a network administrator, the A.S. Network Administration program at CBT Technology Institute may be just what you need to take that next step forward in your career.

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