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Tranferring Credits

CBT Technology Institute makes it easier for those who had previously enrolled in a Community College or took Advanced Placement (AP) courses in High School. The basic policy regarding the acceptance of transfer courses is to accept credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades (C or better) from other accredited colleges or AP program, assuming that the courses are similar in content to the courses offered at CBT Technology Institute.

However, CBT Technology Institute reserves the right to test the proficiency of a student in any course work transferring from another institution and to not accept credit in courses in which the student cannot demonstrate acceptable proficiency.


  • Only official transcripts from other colleges may be used to evaluate and/or award credit. Students must request that an official transcript from all previously attended colleges to be mailed to the registrar office at CBT Technology Institute, Attn: Registrar, Subj: External Credit Evaluation.
  • Complete the request for transfer credit evaluation form.
  • Return your petition to the registrar at your campus. A Program Director will contact you if your assistance is required with the transfer credit evaluation process.
  • Please allow 1-2 Weeks for the process to be completed. New students must complete the process prior to the first day of class.

From CBT Technology Institute

CBT Technology Institute is nationally accredited by The Accredited Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS), and we have designed our curriculum under the Statewide Course Numbering System or (SCNS).

The course numbering system uses a five or six digit alpha numeric identifier. The prefixes are characters that represent the type of course. This system facilitates the transfer of students among Florida’s postsecondary institutions. By Florida law, an institution accepting a transfer student from another participating institution must award credit for courses which are equivalent to courses offered by the receiving institution which have been satisfactorily completed at the previous institution, including consideration of faculty credentials. Credits awarded must satisfy the requirements of the receiving institution on the same basis as credits awarded to native students. The system uses the common prefix and three digit course numbers to represent equivalent courses. Institutions may use their own titles to describe the course content.

Please refer to Addendum “D” in our course Catalog.

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