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Admission Requirements

  • Complete the Initial Interview: The initial interview at CBT Technology Institute is easy but very important. Each prospective student must meet and complete an interview with a CBT Technology Institute Admissions Representative on campus.  In addition, the prospective student must meet all other general and specific admission requirements such as those regarding documentation, prior education, and evaluation of proficiency in the basic and prerequisite skills needed for college-level work
  • Documentation: All prospecting students are required to provide a valid Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Residency Card / Stamped Parole card (If applicable), two (2) personal references including name, phone number and address. Also, each applicant must have earned one of the following educational credentials: a high school diploma or equivalent, or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
  • Complete the Financial Aid Interview: The financial aid interview will help you explore all the avenues available to pay for your education and get started on your new career with piece of mind. Each prospect is required to bring the Income Tax forms for the last 2 (two) fiscal years including the W-2 Forms. Should you have questions about these documents, feel free to contact our financial aid department for further assistance.
  • Application Fee: To fully process all your documentation in a timely manner, each prospecting student must submit his/her application along with USD$ 25.00 (non-refundable).
  • CBT students enrolled in and/or graduated from the CBT AS Degree Business Administration program can transfer into the Bachelor‘s program if they have a GPA of 2.99 or higher.
  • Students wishing to transfer into CBT must submit official printed transcripts from all post-secondary institutions and must have attained a CGPA of 2.99 or higher.

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