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Tuition & Fees

Effective since July 1, 2013

Processing Fee (Non-Refundable Fee) $25.00
Enrollment Fee $150.00
International Students Application Processing Fee $150.00
Student Services Fee (One Time Fee) $120.00
Tuition per Semester Credit* (Effective July 1, 2013) $498.00
Tuition per Semester Credit – ESL $250.00
Lab and Equipment Fee Varies Per Program
Software Supply Fees Varies Per Program
Graduation Fee $100.00
Credit by Examination $200.00
Student ID Fee $5.00
CBT Diploma Re-Order Fee $30.00
Transcript Fee (No Charge for First Three Copies) $15.00
Express Service (Next Day) $30.00
Course Drop Fee $15.00
Institutional Withdrawal Fee (Non-Refundable Fee)
International Student Drop (after two weeks, first semester’s tuition is NOT refundable)
Re-Entry Fee $35.00
Course Retake Fee (Students enrolling in a course for the third time) $40.00
Schedule Change Fee (Will be assessed beginning the second week of classes) $20.00
Program Change Fee (Will be assessed 30 Days After Start Date) $25.00
Library Fines $5.00


Tuition, fees and other costs are subject to change without notification.

These costs can be changed for new students. The cost for the students already registered in the semester and in classes will not be changed, but an adjustment could be made next semester.
The cost of books are not included, but can be purchased in the College or most bookstores. The cost can be included in the Financial Aid Plan, if qualified.
A computer kit for the IT students or an already assembled computer for the non-IT students can be included in the Financial Aid Package, if qualified.


Cost of Attendance 2023-2024

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