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. Manuel Silva, Graduate of A.S. in A/C technology & A.S. in Electricity Technology

Gracias a CBT llevo 2 años trabajando y progresando en mi presente empleo. Primero, me gradué de Aire Acondicionado y Refrigeración (Asociado) teniendo en cuenta la calidad de la escuela, los profesores, y todo el personal colectivo, volví nuevamente a la escuela para estudiar mi Asociado en Electricidad. De esta forma he conseguido expandir mis conocimientos en este rama. Mientras tenga la oportunidad de estudiar y superarme, siempre pensaré en CBT como la forma de salir adelante y progresar en este país.

. Roselynd Winfield, A.S. in Medical Assisting

I started taking the Medical Assisting program and then decided to continue my education and earn an associate’s degree. Being a student at CBT Technology Institute has opened up a lot of opportunities for me to expand my studies to further prepare me for the technological future. Besides getting a great education, I do not have to go far because CBT Technology Institute is right in my neighborhood and provides a curriculum equal to if not better than any major college. Deciding to go back to college was the hard part, getting in and keeping up with all the activities has been a rewarding experience. I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. Thanks to all the professors and staff for all their hard work and help they have provided.

. Gloria Velasquez, A.S. in Medical Assisting

Hi my name is Gloria. My experience at CBT Technology Institute has been rewarding. Even with my language barrier though the classes have been instructed in English instructors have helped me in Spanish, which has made my studies successful. In the Medical Assistant course I was mostly impressed with Anatomy and Phlebotomy because of the quality of the classroom hands on approach.

. Maria Gomez, Graduate of Diploma in Medical Coding & Billing

Thank you CBT for giving me the skills and knowledge I needed to become a Certified Medical Coder and Biller. CBT is a remarkable college. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by a professional staff that offered me guidance and counsel. The classes are small, so we receive more personal attention than you do in most colleges. The professors I encountered were knowledgeable and extremely accessible both on and off campus. Throughout this journey, I have met many wonderful individuals that have greatly enriched my life. I was able acquire employment at a very prominent Doctors office due to the expertise and hands on training I received. I, without doubt recommend CBT as your college of choice.

. Reinaldo Izquierdo, Graduate of Diploma in A/C Tech (Spanish Program) and currently enrolled in the ESL program.

Desde mi llegada a este país decidí estudiar para tener una mejor calidad de vida para mí y mi familia. Ingresé a CBT Technology Institute para ser Técnico de Aire Acondicionado la cual gracias a los profesores he aprendido todo lo relacionado a esta industria y me siento preparado para empezar a trabajar como técnico. También decidí incorporarme en las clases de inglés (ESL) para continuar mi desarrollo académico. Me siento satisfecho con la preparación y dedicación de los profesores y del colectivo de los trabajadores de CBT los cual han sido de gran ayuda en mi preparación académica. Ahora, mi hijo y mi sobrino ingresaron también a CBT después de ver mis resultados.

. Eliexa Leon, Graduate in A.S. in Business Administration

As a 21 year old single mother, it has been very hard for me to juggle school, work, and my 2 year old son. Fortunately, CBT has been a great help working with me in getting my Associates Degree in Business Administration. The benefit of having the teachers help me understand each subject and a flexible schedule, gave me the help that I always needed in order to keep things flowing. I went to class at night and worked during the day and now I am finally graduating this month! All of the hard work and dedication has been fully worth all my time! Thank you CBT Technology Institute!

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