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International Scholarships Information

International Scholarships

Begin, Belong, Be More Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for International Students (F-1 VISA) that enroll into the following programs: AS in Electricity, AS in Networking Administration and AS in HVAC with non-U.S. residency status applying from another college/university within the United States or applying for a new VISA at their country of origin. It is based on academic performance. The Scholarship is awarded for up to $2,988 to cover Tuition Charges per semester for a 6-semester maximum. This scholarship is not available to U.S. citizens, or permanent residents.


  • The recipient must enroll into a CBT AS in Electricity, AS in Networking Administration an AS in HVAC
  • This award is limited to two years of enrollment as an undergraduate.
  • CBT reserves the right to alter this award in the presence of other CBT scholarship offers.
  • This award is contingent upon the student maintaining international residency for tuition purposes.
  • The recipient must enroll for and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. If circumstances prevent a student from enrolling and completing the minimum credit load or it is necessary to drop credits below the minimum credit load, prior approval must be received from the Campus Director.
  • The recipient is expected to maintain a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. The academic record will be reviewed at the end of the first two semesters of enrollment and thereafter each semester. A scholar who does not meet the minimum criterion will be placed on scholarship probation for two semesters. Failure to meet minimum GPA requirements upon the completion of the terms of scholarship probation will result in cancellation of the award until the cumulative 2.8 GPA is reestablished.
  • Semesters for which the recipient is not eligible to receive this award are included in two-year limit.
  • The recipient must notify the Campus Director in writing if enrollment at CBT is disrupted (excluding summer semester) and request an official leave of absence from the college.

To apply for this Scholarships, please contact us at 786-828-6573 or e-mail us at scholarships.info@cbt.edu for more information

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