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Welcome to CBT College’s Financial Aid Department:
CBT College strives in providing the best possible educational experience to every person wishing to take that very important step: getting a college degree.

  • Pell Lifetime Eligibility Limit

    The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds you may receive over your lifetime is limited by a new federal law to be the equivalent of six ...

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  • Treatment of Title IV aid

    SUMMARY OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF 34 CFR 668.22 Treatment of Title IV Aid When a Student Withdraws The law specifies how your ...

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  • Financial Aid Calculator

    To access CBT College Net Price Calculator, visit: ...

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  • Financial Aid FAQs

    FAQs 1. Should I pay for help to fill out my FAFSA? 2. What is the PIN? 3. Why should I get a PIN? 4. How will my PIN be sent to ...

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  • Applications & Forms

    We strongly recommend that you meet with a financial aid office at CBT College to assist you with the process of finding the right ...

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  • Applying for financial aid

    Get the Financial Aid you need for your College Degree Students that require financial aid must complete the free Federal Student ...

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  • How to pay for College?

    Get the Financial Aid you need for your College Degree At CBT College we facilitate the scholarship information you need to ...

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  • Work-Study Program

    CBT College participates in the Federal Work Study Program (FWS), which creates part-time opportunities for students from low-income ...

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  • Federal Direct Loans For Undergraduates

    The Office of Financial Aid encourages students to explore various grants and scholarship opportunities and to evaluate loan options ...

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  • Grants

    Pell Grant The Federal Pell Grant Program provides need-based grants to low-income undergraduate and certain post baccalaureate ...

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  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are merit-based monetary gifts that can be used for college and do not have to be paid back. Scholarships are awarded by ...

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  • Scholarships for Minorities

    Ron Brown Scholarship The Ron Brown Scholar Program seeks to identify African-American high school seniors who will make significant ...

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  • Scholarships for Women

    Jeannette Rankin Foundation Since 1978, Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships to help over 500 women ...

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  • Scholarships for High School Students

    Education is Freedom Scholarship Education is Freedom (EIF) was founded in 2002 with the creation of a dynamic board of corporate ...

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  • General Scholarships

    Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship CBT College gives you the opportunity to obtain the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship; this program ...

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  • CBT College Exclusive Scholarships

    Scholarships are usually merit-based. Scholarships can come from the federal government, your state government, your college or career ...

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  • Tuition & Fees

    .auto-style1 { height: 17px; } Effective July 1, 2013 Processing Fee ...

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  • Getting started at CBT

    Financial Aid at CBT At CBT College we understand the importance of paying for a college education. For that reason CBT offers a ...

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