Careers as a Computer Network Support Specialist

Work on the Ground or in the Cloud as a Computer Network Support Specialist

As more companies and individuals entrust their computing to tablets and other mobile devices, the future is bright for those who graduate as Computer Network Support Specialists. Companies of all sizes are investing heavily in data centers, computer servers, and networking equipment to support their workforce, which ensures the continual employment for this group of IT professionals.


Getting Computer Network Support Specialist Degree

IT training school in Miami, or Network support education, which might consist of a BS degree, an AS or a diploma, prepares graduates to perform a number of functions such as installing hardware and software, diagnosing hardware or software in person or remotely, providing tech support, repairing equipment and troubleshooting problems in the system. Both home users and corporate users need all of these functions regardless of what type of devices they use.


Working In Network Support In Person

Some major computer companies may outsource their tech support functions offshore, while retaining a core of people in the US. However, many companies rely on their own internal tech support teams or work with an external firm that troubleshoots problems for harried users from a call center. Having trained people on hand to assist users is important to maintain productivity and ensure good customer service, whether the problem is a simple matter of inability to login, problems with the operating system or specific software, a nonfunctioning unit or trouble connecting to the network.


Working From Home In Computer Network Support

The move to cloud computing presents a challenge and opportunity to computer network specialists. As a developing field, cloud networking is a mystery to many users, which creates demand for those with technical knowledge and expertise to set up and maintain networks and to assist users who are just learning the ropes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market for computer support professionals, which includes networking specialists, is expected to grow 17% between 2012 and 2022 and will add over 123,000 jobs to a profession that currently employs over 722,400 people.


Demand for Traditional Computer Support Professionals

While cloud computing and networking may be major areas where computer network support specialists use their skills in the future, the fact remains that many companies who want the functionality of a computer system will continue to rely on the PC and the Apple version, the MAC. Many companies of all sizes are still running their equipment on Windows XP, a sign that not every company is abandoning tried-and-true technology in favor of smart phones and other mobile technology. This means that computer support professionals who prefer to stick to working with office equipment have a prosperous future ahead of them, despite the large shift to the cloud and mobile technology.

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