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5 Daily Tips, Healthier You = Happier You

Spending eight hours at work every day may affect your health, physically and psychologically. I would like to give you some useful tips in order for you to be healthier, more focused and less tired during and after work. Remember that when you finish your work day, you return to the most important part if your life……your family.

Eat breakfast: You will have the initial calorie intake after 7 or 8 hours of starvation. Breakfast will also set your metabolism ready to start the day and you will eat less during the day.
Take your breaks: Stand up from your chair each hour and walk around for 5 minutes, stretch, go outside the building and breathe fresh air. Stand up when you are making a phone call. Move! There is a big difference between a living and a dead organism, the dead one does not move.
Have your lunch break away from your desk: It’s an order. Relax, focus on eating, and chat with a friend. Do not take this time to respond emails or to see the news in your computer.
My recommendation for lunch would be something, light, small to medium portions, low fat and moderate in carbohydrates.
Drink water during the day, dehydration has severe effects on every system in our body and just to mention one, the circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells and collects the wastes. If you don’t drink enough water during the day, this system will not perform correctly. Just a few things…unexplained headaches, fatigue, hypertension and more. Coffee, 2 or 3 cups a day…..not bad but if its Cuban coffee or Colada, this is different, the Colada has a high concentration of caffeine and sugar.
Energy Drinks………….No way.

You will read a few more things from me very soon.

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