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3 Things to Do Now that Will Prepare You for a Business Administration Degree

A degree in Business Administration provides you many professional paths. You may choose to begin your own business, enter the online marketing world, or focus on the global marketplace of international business. Each of these fields requires a certain set of skills and knowledge for success. As you work toward your degree in Business Administration there are certain things you can do to further prepare you for your future career.


1. Learn everything you can about the global marketplace

Over the last two decades the business world has shifted to a global marketplace where a country’s borders don’t impede the growth of a business. Even small businesses have increasingly more options for participating in this international production of services, goods, and money. While you are completing your Business Administration coursework it is important to explore, research, and learn more about the global marketplace to prepare yourself for your future career.

  • Search for examples of businesses with a strong Internet presence. The Internet has revolutionized the global marketplace providing a 24 hour presence for business. It also allows for immediate customer examination of the business, price negotiation, and purchasing.
  • Utilize educational resources such as the US Small Business Administration. This government agency provides resources, training opportunities, mentoring, and counseling.  Although there is a wealth of information available on many topics they have provided specific information regarding taking a business global.
  • Read international media publications One quick way to expand your global marketplace knowledge is to stay on top of international business news. The online availability of these publications makes this easier now than it ever has been. Check out publications such as International Business Times, The Financial Times, and BusinessWeek.

2. Begin networking with other business professionals 

Making vital connections now that will benefit your future career is a valuable way to prepare yourself for a Business Administration degree. Successful business professionals know that networking is important. Who you know can almost be as important as what you know. Spending time in conversation with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals will increase your knowledge and expose you to the business world.

3. Gain real-world experience and knowledge

Simply put, your coursework is often not enough. Even though the courses are carefully designed, taught, and assessed to maximize your educational opportunities, you’ll need real-world business experience to make you the best candidate for future hiring. Any experience where you gain new skills and are able to learn from business experts will help prepare you for your Business Administration degree.

  • Complete an internship or work for a local business Being in the business world and learning from other professionals is crucial for your future career. Living and breathing the business world via a job or internship will give you a leg up on your competition and make you more marketable to future employers. Searching for job or internship opportunities within your area of focus will allow you to bring real world experience back to your class work and will deepen your understanding.
  • Attend educational seminars Since the business world is constantly evolving there are always seminars and conferences available to continue your education. Your class work will do an excellent job of preparing you for your future career but there is always more to learn. Take advantage of on-site seminars and online offerings such as eLearning and webinars.

What experiences have helped prepare you for a degree in Business Administration? What has been the most valuable and shaped your learning the most?

Fernando Larez

Fernando is an entrepreneur, technologist and proud dad. He is an author at the Beat.

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