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Play Soccer and Study with the Best!

Situated in the vibrant heart of Miami, CBT INTERNATIONAL FC is not just a soccer club, but a beacon for talent and ambition. Our unique collaboration with CBT TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE and the athletic prowess of TOP SPORT sets us apart. Beyond the goals and the cheers, our mission is to open the gates of opportunity, inviting both local and international students to Miami. We’re dedicated to offering a unique blend of soccer excellence and academic growth. Dive into an experience that merges the thrill of the game with the allure of education in the sun-kissed Miami landscape.

CBT Technology Institute

CBT Technology Institute is a higher education and premier technical school based in Miami, Florida, that seeks to provide affordable career training with a focus on preparing our community for technology and science careers.


We focus in programs that provide both education and true hands-on experience in modern lab environments, in order to keep up with today’s fast paced world and the need in our community to prepare and be ready for current and sought-after careers.

As our esteemed partner, TOPSPORT MANAGEMENT stands at the forefront of global soccer talent discovery and cultivation. With an unparalleled expertise in recruiting and training soccer prodigies from around the world. But beyond the pitch, this collaboration signifies a deep commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and building a vibrant community.  

A Vision Beyond The Pitch: CBT INTERNATIONAL FC’s Goals

At CBT INTERNATIONAL FC, our aspirations reach far beyond the boundaries of the soccer pitch. We’re not just about scoring goals; we’re about shaping futures. Our primary objective is to be a hub for raw talent, fostering growth in young athletes from diverse backgrounds.

Central to our mission are our international recruitment events. These aren’t your typical tryouts; they are global talent hunts, meticulously designed to identify and nurture individuals with a flair for soccer. By hosting these events, we aim to bring together a myriad of talents, offering them a platform in Miami, a city known for its rich sports heritage and cultural blend.


  • Unparalleled Sporting Opportunities: As a part of our club, members get an opportunity to train under seasoned professionals, participate in high-octane matches, and build invaluable networks in the sporting community.

  • Academic Excellence at CBT TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE: But life at CBT INTERNATIONAL FC isn’t just about soccer. Our alliance with CBT TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE ensures that our players also get to prioritize their academic ambitions. Known for its advanced curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, CBT TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE provides a holistic educational experience. Here, players can strike the perfect balance, excelling in their sport while gaining industry-relevant skills.

  • A Gateway to Miami’s Vibrant Community: Miami is not just a city; it’s an experience. As members of our club, players not only get to represent Miami on the field but also immerse themselves in its dynamic culture, connect with its welcoming community, and enjoy the myriad opportunities it offers.

In essence, joining CBT INTERNATIONAL FC is more than just being part of a soccer club; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that harmoniously merges sport, education, and community. Whether you’re eyeing a professional soccer career or aiming for academic accolades at CBT TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE, with us, you’re always in the right league.

CBT INTERNATIONAL FC: Unleashing the Next Soccer Stars!


Our Miami tryouts were an astounding success, uncovering a wealth of talent among local players. We’re thrilled by the potential we’ve seen and are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming UPSL season. With such a promising lineup, we’re preparing an amazing team that’s sure to make waves. Get ready for an unforgettable season ahead!


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We are thrilled to announce that CBT International FC is coming to Colombia for an unprecedented event. Get ready for a unique experience where passion for football meets culture. This event is not just a celebration of sport and talent, but also an incredible opportunity for aspiring footballers. We are offering scholarships for talented individuals to study in the United States and become part of our esteemed football team. Stay tuned for more details and prepare to be part of something truly extraordinary!


Please ensure you come prepared with all necessary gear and arrive at least 30 minutes prior for registrations. Make sure you use Black or Dark sport outfit.

February 10 – 14, 2024

CBT International FC in Peru: Unveiling Future

Football Stars!

Our first international event in Peru wasn’t just a game; it was a transformative experience. From intense matches showcasing our dedication to football to the rich cultural exchanges, every moment was electric.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Stellar Performance: The passion of Peruvian football echoed in every play, making every game unforgettable.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Beyond the matches, our team delved into Peru’s vibrant culture, strengthening our global connections.
  3. Spotlight on Talent: The event unveiled promising talents, potential assets for the CBT Technology Institute. By integrating them, we aim to harness their skills and mold the future leaders of sports technology.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our team, fans, and the Peruvian community. Here’s to expanding horizons and nurturing global talents for CBT Technology Institute!

Dimelo Machine! 

I am Luis Rey, the Technical Director of CBT International FC. I am at your disposal for any questions or information you need.

I hope to see you soon on the field and that together we achieve great things!



Questions related to TryOuts:

WahtsApp: +1 (786) 538-1113 

Email: luisrey0910@gmail.com

Instagram: @reythemachine

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