What is the Harlem Shake?

The new trend of the month that has everyone dancing to the oddest song ever! No not the GANGNAM STYLE that was so three months ago. The new craze is… The Harlem Shake with a twist. This new craze has created uproar of viral videos and has everyone from the neighborhood kids to the MIAMI HEAT joining in on the fun. According to Google/Trends the Heat version of the Harlem Shake had over 100,000 hits in one day! Talk about a movement, it gives lunch hour a whole new meaning. Check out some of friend’s version of Harlem Shake! Our friends over at Origin PC  are all on it! Check their version below.

Do you have a video sharing your version of “Harlem Shake”? Leave the link to your video below as a comment and we will upload it to CBT Technology Institute’s Facebook page for the world to choose the best one! Hurry we will only showcase the videos for the week of  March 11-22, 2013. SUBMIT TODAY!!

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