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Accounting Applications – QuickBooks

Accounting Applications

Students enrolled in the Accounting Applications program at CBT Technology Institute, will learn numerous valuable skills that can assist them in getting their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, or simply learn how to easily manage a business or personal financial system.

Opportunities with Accounting Applications

Understanding basic accounting applications can open up numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.   Knowing the foundations of finances can help students make smarter buying and selling decisions as they continue through college and beyond.  If the student is considering a more entrepreneurial path, accounting applications can help him or her easily manage a small business while tracking inventory, profit and loss.  Students will also learn how the decisions they make can impact their bottom line.  By enrolling in the Accounting Applications program at CBT Technology Institute, our students will be starting on the path toward learning one of the most feature-packed, beneficial financial management programs on the market.

What Students Will Learn:

Using the robust QuickBooks Pro software along with professional, step-by-step exercises and interactive training, our students will be able to:

  • Efficiently navigate the QuickBooks system and set up data files
  • Record common types of transactions including receipts, debits, credits,  invoices, bills and more
  • Manage inventory and purchase orders
  • Seamlessly integrate banking features including reconciliation and online banking transactions
  • Understand basic accounting principles such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, profit and loss statements and more.

Students involved in the Accounting Applications program at CBT Technology Institute will find that the class objectives will help them succeed in both small business and personal finance.   Whether our students are looking to continue their education in the International Business, e-Commerce or Management fields, the flexible QuickBooks Pro interface, together with professional instruction, hands-on technology and guided group projects will give them a well-rounded foundation in basic financial systems management.

Course Materials

In addition to a trial version of the QuickBooks Pro software, students will also be provided with access to CBT’s reference library as well as course handouts.  Because CBT Technology Institute believes that experience with the material goes beyond the computer program itself, we may invite guest speakers from various industries to speak about their expertise in the field.  To ensure that our students retain the material learned, in addition to lab tasks, quizzes and exercises, we will also challenge them with various projects to reinforce accounting principles.

About QuickBooks Pro

As one of the leading financial software and accounting applications, QuickBooks Pro provides numerous invaluable features to assist in managing day-to-day profits and expenses, as well as special types of transactions such as voided checks or refunds.   With this software, our students will be able to see a complete snapshot of finances, plus generate income and expense reports to track spending and saving habits.

In addition, recurring transactions can also be automated, saving time while providing a versatile way to easily manage money.  Along with these features, QuickBooks Pro also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Excel to allow conversion of the QuickBooks file to an Excel-friendly format, which students can refresh so that they are always working with the most up-to-date information.

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