School of Technology

CBT College offers tech-focused career training programs within our Technology School to build the future workforce. Earn a diploma or college degree in a technological field.

Searching for the right technology school is an important step, and CBT College wants to help make sure you find the diploma or degree program that is best for you. We offer a variety of technical degrees and diplomas on our Miami campuses.

That’s where information technology (IT) specialists come in. Information technology brings you the information and applications—such as word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software—that office workers everywhere rely on to do their jobs. IT specialists create these products as well as set up and maintain such systems. With an information technology degree, or a CompTIA, certification you will have the necessary skills to upgrade software and build Website on your personal computer.

Also you could use your IT training to set up and maintain the servers on which your company’s internal applications run, create and customize the software products you use, build and maintain the databases that you rely on to gather information to serve your customers, and if there ever was a dreaded system crash, you would have the knowledge and expertise to get your office network up and running again. Get started on your IT certification today and start a career as an IT professional in no time.

Programs available in our Technology School:

The technical diploma programs offered at our Florida campuses will generally take a student eight months to complete, while the technical degree programs offered at CBT College will typically take 24 months to successfully complete. Some of these programs are available in both English and Spanish, making it easier for students to have a program that is truly suited for them.

Working in the technological career field will typically require you to receive certification, and CBT College’s School of Technology has you covered. We provide you with certification programs in the technical degree and diploma programs at our college. The certification that you receive will allow you to apply for specialist positions, or promotions within your workplace.

When you enroll in our School of Technology, you could sign up for a program that has the ability to lead to a successful career in the technology industry. You will be given classroom instruction by professionals who have experience in the technological industry, many of whom have worked – or are currently working – as a technician. In addition to the high-quality classroom instruction you receive while enrolled in our School of Technology, you will also receive hands-on training, which will prepare students for real-world situations and encounters.

We not only offer you exceptional technical degree and diploma programs at CBT College’s School of Technology, but we offer you job placement assistance. We will help you search for jobs in the Flagler, Miami Gardens, West Kendall, Cutler Bay, and Hialeah areas; as well as other Florida locations. Our job placement program also assists students with building their resume, and learning new interview tips and strategies.

If you are looking to move up within your workplace, obtaining a technical degree or diploma could help you do just that. You could also enroll in our School of Technology if you are looking to change career paths altogether. Regardless of why you are enrolling in the technical programs available at CBT College, we will work hard to make sure you receive a high-quality education, along with hands-on training.

Choose CBT College and receive an exceptional education. Call today to learn more about our School of Technology!