Associate Degree Programs

Choosing to enroll in an Associate in Business Degree program could open the doors for you in various career fields. When you receive your Associate in Business degree, you could earn more money over your career, in comparison to an individual who has only earned a high school diploma or GED certificate.

At CBT College, we currently offer two Associate in Business degree programs:

Why an Associate Degree in Business?

Earning your Associate Degree in Business is a good choice for someone who wants to work in the world of business and commerce. If you want to complete a degree program in as little as 24 months, and have the ability to qualify for good job opportunities, an Associate Degree in Business should be on your radar. The degree program at CBT College is the easiest way for you to find great opportunities in the business industry.

Career Options with an Associate Degree in Business

When you obtain your Associate Degree in Business from CBT College, you could find a variety of job opportunities in various industries. Having a business degree could be the deciding factor between you being offered a job, in comparison to someone who does not have a business degree. Some of the career opportunities that could be available to you once you have successfully completed your Associate in Business degree program include:

  • Office Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Personnel
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • and more…

Continuing Your Education

An Associate Degree in Business comes in handy if you want to begin working in a stable job environment and further your education at the same time. CBT College has a Bachelor in Business degree program for you as well, which could help you achieve any long-term business goals you may have, such as starting your own business. Receiving your Associate Degree in Business could help you learn the basic knowledge of the business world, giving you the fundamental tools you will need to use as you continue on your educational journey towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Management.

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Receiving an Associate Degree in Business gives you that edge on the competition, so make sure you sign up and get started with your A.S. in Bookkeeping, or A.S. in Business Administration degree program at CBT College. Our professional staff and instructors are ready to help you on your journey towards earning your degree.

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Associate Degree Programs