School of Allied Health

Welcome to CBT College’s School of Allied Health!

We have programs available on our Cutler Bay Campus through the School of Allied Health. These programs could help you begin a successful career within the health care industry. The professional staff of teachers and administrators on our Florida campuses provide our students with the extraordinary academic resources that are necessary to promote educational success.

CBT College’s School of Allied Health is committed to:

  • Inspiring our students
  • Encouraging students to be their very best
  • Providing students with learning that could enhance their career opportunities
  • Helping students achieve their professional goals
  • Providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality care to their patients

Health Sciences Degree Programs Available:

When you apply to CBT College’s School of Allied Health, you can choose to enroll in various degree or diploma programs, including:

When you enroll in the School of Allied Health on our Cutler Bay Campus, you will have access to different degree programs. The programs available at these Florida campuses will vary; contact an admission representative to verify that the campus of your choice offers the diploma or degree program that you have an interest in.

How We Help You

When you work in the field of allied health, you will be responsible for providing health care related services to patients. The courses and hands-on experience that you receive while enrolled in one of the degree or diploma programs offered at our Florida campuses will prepare you for the variety of health care careers available, including those as a medical assistant, a medical coder and biller, a physical therapist assistant, and more.

You will learn clinical duties, how to code and review medical documents, prepare patients for examinations, facilitate statistical classification and research, take vital signs, perform basic laboratory tests, facilitate third-party reimbursement, help improve a patient’s mobility, and more – depending on which diploma or degree program that you choose to enroll in through our School of Allied Health.

How Long do the Programs Last?

The training that you receive when you enroll in a diploma or degree program through our School of Allied Health is effective and efficient. The programs on our Florida campuses will range between eight months and two years; this depends on the program that you choose to enroll in. For instance, you could take a medical assistant diploma program and expect to spend eight months in the program, or you could apply for the medical assisting associate degree program that typically takes two years to complete.

Assistance with Career Placement

After you have successfully completed your program through our School of Allied Health, you will want to find a job. CBT College has a job placement program that could help you do just that. We have professionals who could help you with interviewing techniques, as well as resume building. We have a strong rapport with various businesses, organizations, and government agencies throughout Florida, and we are willing to help you reach out to some of those businesses and organizations for employment assistance and guidance.

Contact CBT College today and learn more about the degree and certificate programs that are available through our School of Allied Health. We want to help you on your journey toward a successful career in the medical industry!