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learn about school of business
  CBT School Of Business

School of Business

Each year, more and more adults seek degrees, certificates, or simply take courses in the field of business. Students who choose to enter the business world...

  Bachelor Degree
> Business Administration Management

Associate Degree Programs
> Business Administration
> Accounting
Technical Diploma Program
> Office Management
learn about about school of Technology
  CBT School Of Technology

School of Technology

E-mail, personal computers, and the Internet: These products of the information age have become common currency among working professionals.

  Associate Degree Programs
> Networking Administration
> Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating
> Electrical Technology
Technical Diploma Program
> Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
> Electricity Technician
> Computer Repair Technician
learn about School of Allied Health
  CBT School Of Allied Health & Science

School of Allied Health

The demand for health-care workers is expected to grow faster than the average rate for all occupations between 2000 and 2010.

  Associate Degree Programs
> Medical Assisting Technology
> Health Information Management Technology
Technical Diploma Program
> Medical Assistant Diploma
> Medical Coding & Billing
learn about School of Modern Arts
  CBT School Of Mordern Arts

School of Modern Arts

The programs that compose the School of Modern Arts at CBT College is the first step toward a career in commercial graphics.

  Associate Degree Programs
> Digital Graphic Design
Technical Diploma Programs
> Web Designer
Learn About School of Languages
  CBT School Of Languages

School of Languages

The English as a Second Language program at CBT College is designed for students who wish to learn or enhance their knowledge of the English language.

School of Languages
> ESL (English as Second Language)