Video Game Tournament in Miami This great event organized by CBT College

  • Miami, FL (July 30, 2012) – The much awaited video game tournament, LANBASH, successfully celebrated their 7th edition this past Saturday where hundreds of players from South Florida participated in over 8 hours of fun and competition for valuable prizes.

    CBT College (College of Business & Technology), has been hosting this event since 2010 with the purpose of waking interest for the growing opportunities in technical careers including Information Technology, Graphic Design and 3D Animation – careers offered by CBT with the goal of positioning Miami as the next technology hub for high tech jobs.

    “This year LANBASH has marked a new attendance record, not only in participants but also in the number of sponsors. It was a day full of excitement and quality entertainment. Plus it was a real joy to see how families came out to cheer on their “gamers.” The youth of South Florida loves technology and video games and for them it’s not only a form of entertainment but more like a passion that later motivates them to study information technology, computer science and even graphic design,” said Fernando Larez, Director of Marketing at CBT College.

    “At CBT College we plan to extend our greatest commitment to the development of these professional careers with the goal of converting Miami to another technology Mecca,” added Larez.

    LANBASH was transmitted LIVE via web by Impulse eSports & Digital Noob who were present with seven narrators specializing in the different games which included: Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3, Star Craft 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and League of Legends.ORIGIN PC was the official event partner. Event sponsors also included: Tiger Direct, Intel, SYX, Cisco Systems, Corsair, and BenQ, Gamewars, Gamma Labs, Metro PCS and Tech Troopers.

    The “gamers” in South Florida were full of anticipation and excitement this past Saturday. “The magnitude and level of competition at LANBASH continues to grow. We’re ready for the 8th edition! Miami is a “gamers town” with the quality and competition level of any of the great cities in the world,” commented some of the winners. Photos and videos of previous LANBASH tournaments can be seen at:

    “We proudly celebrated this 7th edition of LANBASH and we feel honored to bring to our community the latest developments in technology and video games. We want everyone to learn about and benefit from the great job opportunities that have been generated worldwide by the information technology and digital graphic design industries,” commented Luis Llerena, Executive Director of CBT College. “CBT College is an institution that provides the education and training needed to be part of this promising and lucrative industry,” added Mr. Llerena. To learn more about the business and technical careers available at CBT College, visit:

    Tabatha Cirgenski
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    CBT College
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