Why opt for an Electrical Diploma?

Nowadays, for obtaining a job in the electricity field (not only in the State of Florida but anywhere in the Country), it is essential to hold at least an Electricity Technician Diploma from a certified vocational school.

Throughout the program coursework, students acquire the knowledge, technical skills, and competitive edges that they need to start a promising new career, become a qualified electrician in Miami, Florida, and move ahead in this growing industry.

What Do Electricians do? 

  • Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures in rural, residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  • Stay up-to-date on safety codes.
  • Install street lights, intercom systems, and security systems.
  • Ensure to use only approved materials.
  • Read blueprints and design codes.
  • Understand the National Electrical Codes (NEC).
  • Work with fire alarm systems.
  • Install security systems.

Electricians are needed anywhere. They might work in homes, small or large businesses, or factories, in health care, financial, entertainment, governmental, and any facilities. Regarding work, electricians can practice in the construction industry or the maintenance sector (although many certified electricians do both). They often work alone, though occasionally they work in teams, mainly when designing and applying electrical systems for a new home or a commercial or industrial building.


How Much Do Electricians Make?

Certified electricians are always in high demand; therefore, their salaries keep on increasing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (BLS), the average annual wage for electricians is $ 55,190 per year or $ 26.53 per hour for May 2018. Electrician salaries vary upon factors like experience, area of expertise, and the county in which they work.


What Skills Do Electricians Need To Succeed.

  1. Technical thinking:

A qualified electrician shall have the ability to solve day-to-day electrical problems through experience and knowledge. Electricians also need to understand the technicalities of finding out the best approaches for installing new wiring, swapping old systems, and recognizing problems using appropriate devices.

As college education improves and enhances these skills, going to an accredited vocational and technical school with a hands-on training approach and top-notch theoretical knowledge is essential to thriving in professional practice.

  1. Customer service skills:

Electricians deal with the public every day, whereas they are business owners and strive to turn any lead into a sale, or are electrical or construction company employees that interact with clients. The electricity professionals shall develop strong customer service skills that will allow them to serve their customers accurately and build positive interactions with current and potential clients.

  1. Business management training:

Some electricians often work self-sufficiently. In their daily duties, they can perform field jobs, track their progress, plan out payroll, and handle a small business’s typical administrative responsibilities. In this case, they need to acquire basic business management training to control their company and finances. Even if they have part-time jobs, the capacity for tracking hours, for instance, is useful both for the electrician and for his patron.

  1. Physical stamina:

Electricians put their bodies to test because they might have to stand on their feet for long hours, crawl through tight spaces, lift heavy components, among other physical demands that work as an electrician requires.

For all the above, considering getting your electricity technician diploma in Miami, Florida can be a smart move for anyone interested in improving their future and enhancing the opportunities to succeed in life. If you want to learn more about the CBT Technology Institute electrical programs, please call 786-567-3162 or click here.

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