Top network administration apps for android

spend their days managing the hardware, software, security, and connectivity of their employer’s network. This is a big job and requires an incredible breadth of knowledge on how the network works, ways to improve productivity, methods of troubleshooting, and when to repair or replace components. As our global technology becomes more mobile every day there are a host of apps for network administrators that can make this complicated job a bit easier. These apps are designed to take your work to-go and will allow you the ability to access the network and its components no matter where you are. Each app has an intended purpose and helps make your work easier in specific ways. Researching your needs, and which apps would best fit your network, will allow you to choose the Android apps that will be the most beneficial.

Our favorite network administration apps for Android devices include:

  1. ActivDir Manager (Free or $4.99) This app allows you to use your Andriod device for basic administration of a Windows Active Directory Domain to manage users, computers, and groups. You can complete specific network administration tasks such as reseting passwords, disabling or editing accounts, and adjusting group memberships. The free version has all the capabilities of the pay option except the ability to keep connection details to the server.
  2. Find My Router’s Password (Free) When you find yourself needing a router’s password or to test the strength of the router’s signal this app is for you. If your router uses HTTP authentication you can choose from four different recovery functions; determining if a default password is being used, using manufacturers’ and routers’ credentials to test a password, accessing a user provided dictionary to test passwords, and testing letter string combinations.
  3. Exchange by Touchdown ($19.99 after a 30 day free trial) Exchange by Touchdown is a third party Exchange task, contact, email, and calendar app that accesses your corporate Exchange server.  The 30 day trial can be extended to the paid version by simply downloading the TouchDown License Key for your mobile device.
  4. Wi-Fi Analyzer (Free) This app provides you the ability to access details of a Wi-Fi connection and a detailed list of detached networks. You’ll find this app incredibly helpful when you are completing a site survey, network auditing, or wireless troubleshooting. There are additional tools that can make your work even more efficient including analyzing data over time, identifying AP location via a visual signal and sound, and rating channel usage.
  5. Connectbot (Free) Connectbot is ideal for network administrators that work with Unix based servers and hardware that permit remote administration. Users are able to import and generate keys, copy and paste between apps, and operate multiple SSF sessions at one time.
  6. AndFTPPro ($4.99) Having remote access to a network is crucial and the ANDFTPPro helps you do it! This app allows you to upload or download files, use email to share files, message, connect with Bluetooth, edit and delete permissions, and run custom commands.
  7. PC Monitor (Free) PC Monitor supports three individual computers without a subscription or up to 100 different computers with a paid yearly subscription. It allows you to monitor in real-time the computer’s stats, CPU and memory, hardware, software, user access, and hard disks.
  8. G-MoN for Android (Free) This WarDriving scanner searches for all Wi-Fi networks in a desired range and coordinates GPS data within a file on the sd card. You can access each Wi-Fi location with details such as signal strength, channel, encryption, and GPS coordinates.
  9. Android VNC (Free) AndroidVNC desktop sharing software connects network administrators remotely to their computers’ desktops. You can also access the desktops of other users on the network regardless of your location.
  10. Pocket IT Mobile Help Desk ($2.60) This app is designed both for the users you support and your role as a network administrator. It is installed on the user’s Android device and provides answers to basic IT questions. The user chooses which type of device needs troubleshooting and then can search for solutions by keywords or key phrases. It won’t solve every problem but will enable users to address some of their own network issues without you.

What are some of your other favorite network administration apps for android?

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