The Top Ten Reasons to Pursue a Career in Network Administration

is a profession that is always evolving and adapting to meet the world’s technological advances. Network administrators must be flexible, innovative, intuitive, and adept with both hardware and software technology. Students pursuing a career as a network administrator will graduate with the necessary technical skills and training to enter the workforce highly qualified and well prepared. Graduates may seek work in a variety of specialties including network administrator, computer support specialist, help desk analyst, Internet manager, and . Students and graduates should also consider pursuing certification from CompTIA, Microsoft Certified, and Cisco.

There are many excellent reasons to pursue a degree in network administration and it is important to understand the benefits of your future career. A career as a network administrator is:

  1. Constantly evolving As technology is constantly changing so is the role of the network administrator. Employers will continue to invest in newer and more complex technology and will upgrade to more mobile networks. Network safety concerns will also prompt employers to install additional security measures. All of these will require network administrators to maintain ongoing training and education to stay current.
  2. In high demand The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that network administrators are in high demand. The job outlook through 2020 is strong with a projected 28% growth and an increase of 96,600 jobs. Experts predict an estimated 440,000 network administrators will be employed in the United States in 2020.
  3. Necessary in nearly every industry Network administrators are needed in a variety of organizations and industries including education institutions, healthcare systems, banking, large corporations, government entities, independent technology firms, and not for profit organizations.
  4. Secure The need for network administrators is often considered ‘recession proof’. Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to upgrade and innovate to survive potentially difficult economic situations. These innovations will require network administrators for implementation and ongoing maintenance.
  5.  Challenging No two days as a network administrator are alike and the challenges you’ll face are diverse. However, your education and training will let you meet each challenge with innovative thinking and practical application. The challenges will only grow as employers continue to upgrade their technological capabilities.
  6. Not geographically limited Unlike some jobs that are limited to certain areas of the country the role of a network administrator allows you to seek work globally. You will have a wide variety of job opportunities to pursue from all corners of the globe.
  7. A first step toward advancement Becoming a network administrator may be the first step to a future career. As you gain valuable experience you will become better prepared to consider a career advancement such as a systems analyst, network engineer, or freelance technician. Working as a freelance technician will allow you to set your hours, work remotely, and have more control over your work environment.
  8. An opportunity to help others Many network administrators work in supporting roles for larger organizations. You may be tasked with creating a more secure network for a division of a company, training coworkers on the use of a new hardware system, or adapting a software program to better fit the needs of others. Each of these allows you to use your skills to benefit others.
  9. Team oriented Network administrators rarely work alone and thrive on a team oriented approach. You’ll be required to work with others to solve problems, improve technology, and support the network needs of others. Having others depend on you is a commendation for your hard work and sound preparation.
  10. A career of the future The possibilities are limitless for network administrators. Demand is high and the diversity of possible career paths is incredible. Graduates will face a profession ready for them to get to work and to make a difference.

What is your primary reason for choosing to pursue a career as a network administrator? What do you enjoy most about your profession?

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