New gadgets for students!

Pencils, notebooks, and binders are the basic necessities for any pupil, but students shouldn’t forget to gear-up with this year’s latest tech as well. From note-taking apps and noise-canceling headphones to soda-powered alarm clocks and digital textbooks, there is a wide-ranging list of high-tech school supplies for students to help them ease the stress of a busy schedule, study for exams, write papers, take notes in class, and much more. Technology is meant to be practical, affordable, and fun.

Whether you’re in college, high school, middle school or simply a caring parent, these tech accessories will help any student achieve high-marks in class–and unwind when the cramming is over.

GadgetTrak’s “mobile security software” has you covered when it comes to misplaced smartphones, laptops, flash drives, iPads, and other tech tools. According to its website, GadgetTrak uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower triangulation to track the location of lost or stolen devices, as well as back up data, set off alarms, and remotely wipe out personal data.

GadgetTrak blogged about privacy measures it has taken to protect customers. “[We] implemented a privacy-safe method that allows the user to enter an encryption key on their device,” wrote Ken Westin, ActiveTrak founder and CEO. “The software then uses this key to encrypt the images and contacts using government grade encryption and uploads it to the server.”

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