Marketing 101: Going retro can be the new thing.

Marketing is tough nowadays. New trendy technology leads the way leaving a big chunk of the marketing community saying: “really? I never thought of that…”

It takes well educated decisions to make things work in a marketplace full of Click-through-rates, likes, and hash tags. But what about if going to basics will restore order to the “140 characters please” marketing industry? Well, it turns out we need to go back to basics…Marketing 101. For every marketing challenge known today, the basic marketing steps we learn way back when traditional media was king…still are applicable:

1. What is the service/product
2. What is the source of the need that needs to be fulfilled
3. Bring “fresh eyes” to look at the problem
4. Establish clean, quantitative goals
5. Know your audience
6. Look at your messaging
7. What are the critical trends in the market? Or what is the momentum in the market?
8. Benchmark yourself
9. Track the results

Simple marketing blurbs for a complex touch-screen world!


Fernando Larez

Fernando is an entrepreneur, technologist and proud dad. He is an author at the Beat.

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