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Your Future is Here with a Medical Assisting Degree

Have you ever wondered whether there is a place for you in the healthcare field? Are you drawn to helping others and working as part of a team? Do you want a job that offers more flexibility and works with your family’s busy schedule? If you can answer yes to any of these questions you should consider pursuing a degree in medical assisting. The work assistants do within the medical field is crucial to quality patient care and effective healthcare delivery.

A medical assisting degree provides graduates with a variety of careers to pursue. Each of these careers is challenging, rewarding, and performs an essential role in the delivery of healthcare. When you earn a medical assisting degree you will be prepared to seek work as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified EKG Technician, Certified Phlebotomy Technician, Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, or an X-ray technician.

Enrolling in a medical assisting program in Miami will prepare you for a rewarding future career and can ensure many years of fulfilling work. There are a myriad of benefits of becoming a medical assistant, including:

1.) Medical Assistant Careers Are Flexible

Regardless of your life situation or family schedule, there is a role in medical assisting that is ideal for you. One of the reasons medical assistants love their job is that it can be tailored to fit any lifestyle. Some specialties, such as medical billing and coding, allow professionals to work from home and provide a telecommuting schedule with plenty of flexibility. Other professions that work primarily in hospital settings offer evening and weekend hours. This flexibility allows parents to be home during the day with children or students to pursue further education.

2.) Medical Assisting Field Is Growing Rapidly

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that medical assisting is a field expected to grow 18% by 2030. This growth will require an increase of 162,900 jobs to meet the growing demand. Graduates who earn a medical assisting degree will be entering a field with expanding work options and plenty of open jobs.

One of the fastest growing Medical Assistant fields is in health information management. Check out the opportunities for Health Information Technology Degrees in Miami, Florida at CBT Technical Institute.

3.) Opportunity To Be a Part Of a South Florida Medical Team

Efficient and quality healthcare delivery is dependent on a large, interconnected group of professionals all dedicated to the patient’s well being. The medical assistant is a crucial part of this team and many other members of the team rely on the assistant’s work.

For example, a doctor may not be able to make critical care decisions until the EKG technician has completed the EKG test. The patient’s care relies on an accurate and properly administered assessment. The administrative assistant is responsible for the efficient operation of a doctor’s office. If the assistant doesn’t collect vital patient information the nurses may be unlikely to assess current condition or analyze medical history.

4.) Lots Of opportunities For Future Career Advancement As A Medical Technician

Your degree in medical assisting will likely be just the first step to an exciting career! Depending on your specialty there are a variety of opportunities for advancement within the assisting field. You can also apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained on the job to further certification and additional degrees. Many medical assistants choose to pursue ongoing education in fields such as ultrasound technology, nursing, or pursuing a diploma in medical coding and billing in Florida.

5.) Medical Assisting Is A Fulfilling Career

Working as a medical assistant allows you to put your experience, education, and talents to good use to help others. When patients seek care for illness or injury they are trusting that each professional working as part of the team is committed to their well being. You can be proud that your work is helping others.

Are you considering enrolling in a medical assisting program in Florida? What are you most looking forward to in your future career?

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