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CBT Technology Institute announces 2020 academic calendar

CBT Technology Institute, the South Florida technical-vocational school founded in 1989, announces the start dates of classes for the upcoming 2020 school year.

There will be 6 semesters in total in 2020:

  • The 2020 Winter 1 semester will start on January 13 and will end on March 3.
  • The 2020 Winter 2 semester will take place between March 9 and May 8, with March 23-27 set aside for Spring Break.
  • The 2020 Spring 1 semester will run from May 5 to July 3rd.
  • The 2020 Summer 1 semester will go from June 7 to August 28.
  • The 2020 Fall 1 semester will have students attending classes between August 31 and October 23.
  • The 2020 Fall 2 semester will see students in class October 26 until December 18.

Having consecutive starting dates per period is key for the enrollment process. Additionally, this offers students the flexibility to continue their education without having to wait for the next calendar semester or, in some cases, for the following year. Likewise, the possibility of continuing classwork with one week of vacation between semesters can accelerate students’ completion of their degree programs.

This feature of CBT Technology Institute allows prospective international students, who might either be living outside the US or who are allowed to change their immigration status to a full-time student category while living in the US, to apply in advance for their respective student visas. These prospective students can then start studying at CBT Technology Institute as soon as USCIS approves their visas.

Admission process 101

To begin the admission process at CBT Technology Institute, the student must take the first step toward success by scheduling an initial interview with one of our Admissions Representatives. Our Representatives will provide all prospective students the information regarding the possibilities that CBT Technology Institute offers to every person wishing to earn a degree and will help them get started on a program that best suits their goals and aspirations.

For their initial interview, students should bring with them a valid Driver’s License or Photo ID, their Social Security Card, and their educational records (like high school diploma, GED certificate or college transcripts). They will also need to provide two personal references including name, phone number and address, along with a $25 non-refundable application fee.

Prospective students who are not US citizens need to provide their permanent residency card, parole documents, I-94 card, and passport. Also, they will need to provide proof of English proficiency, such as TOEFL/IELTS scores, or proof of having completed CBT Technology Institute’s ESL program, a US high school diploma, or transcripts of having completed English Composition I with C or higher from an accredited US college or university.

After the initial interview and submitting all the required documentation, prospective students must attend a Financial Aid interview to explore the different possibilities they may have to pay for their education. Prospective students should make sure to ask the CBT Technology Institute Financial Aid department during this interview about whether they would qualify for any scholarship and the requirements they need to provide to apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA), if they are eligible to do so.

CBT Technology Institute Institutional Scholarships

Alongside the federal and state government scholarships that are available to qualifying students, CBT Technology Institute has put a great effort in establishing a wide offer of exclusive merit-based scholarships to help own students attain their diplomas and/or associate degrees.

These Institutional Scholarships, as they are also known, are the following:

The “Gladys Llerena” Achievement Scholarship for students enrolled in the College’s Associate of Science in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology (HVAC) or Electrical Technology Degree programs.
The Success Scholarship Match Program, with which CBT Technology Institute will match up to $500 of the payments made by the student per academic year.
the Bridge Scholarship, designed to encourage students (that do not or partially qualify for the Pell Grant) to start/continue their education.
The CBT Technology Institute Institutional Grant and the Make a Change (MAC) Grant, intended to motivate students to sit for certification examinations in an effort to increase their chances in employability after graduation.

All these scholarships are on a first come, fist served basis and are available until CBT reaches its annual budgeted amount every fiscal year.

So, don’t let time pass and start the admission process today. For more information about programs, scholarships, financial aid and detailed schedules, please contact the Admissions Representatives at (786) 567-3162 or fill the contact form. Where there is a skill, there is a way!

Begin, Belong, and Be More.

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