How much electricians make for a living in the United States

What should people who are looking to turn their lives around do? The first clear answer is to study a new career that can help them have a better life. They might look for something that is short enough to get a good job soon. Definitely something that pays well and that has many jobs available. But what kind of program could do all of that, allowing them to change their life in a short period of time? Without a doubt, an electricity program in a qualified vocational school accredited to award diplomas and degrees in electrical studies could be the alternative they are looking for.

Electricians are very important in the world. Think about it… How much of what people do every day depends on electricity? Their cellphones, computers and TVs, and even the lights in their houses need electricity. Without electrical infrastructure, Miami houses would not have air conditioning, hospitals would not have tools to save lives, and electronic devices could not even function.

Many people have not thought about getting an electrical diploma or degree as a potential career opportunity. But electricians are very well paid in the US and are in high demand. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an electrician in the United States is roughly $26 per hour. Many factors influence an electrician’s salary, but one of the key things that influence it is where they work. For example, if they work in local governments — like cities, counties, or states — electricians make around $33 per hour. If they work with companies that are building new residential buildings, electricians make around $26 per hour. And if they work with a private service company focusing on electric repairs, electricians can make around $23 per hour.

But the average salary for electricians in the state of Florida is even higher than the national average. According to, electricians can make around $59,000 per year, or about $28 per hour. However, yearly compensation generally goes anywhere from around $52,000 (or $25 per hour) to $66,000 (or about $32 per hour). This compensation range depends on factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, active years in the field and, as aforementioned, the contracting sector.

But before being able to get these high salaries, people who are looking to become an electrician needs to get a license to be able to legally work as an electrician. The license requires two things: technical training and practical experience. CBT Technology Institute can help with both of those requirements through its various vocational trainings and practical opportunities.

A very nice thing about the path to become an electrician is that students can get paid while they learn. Once they complete a vocational technical program like the ones offered at CBT Technology Institute, aspiring electricians become apprentices. And apprentices can start their careers with a salary that is between 30 and 50 percent of what a fully certified electrician makes. This means that they can earn money while still accumulating the experience time required by law to be fully certified in this field.

If you want to improve your life, become an electrician. To begin the path to one of the most profitable careers in the whole country, you can learn more about our Electricity Technician Diploma and our Electrical Technology Associate Degree at CBT Technology Institute. You can also take advantage or our Journeyman Electricity license preparation course. Get ready to take the Miami Dade County exam successfully and change your life. Where there is a skill, there is a way! Contact us today to learn more about this great opportunity to improve your and your family’s life.

For more information, please call CBT Technology Institute. 786-567-3162.

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