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What Are The Top Degrees To Study In Florida?

The Top Degrees To Get Are Not College Degrees

Well, as it turns out that is just the case.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics the fastest growing job opportunities are happening in 3 fields:  Health Care, High-Technology and Construction Technology.

It might surprise you to learn that getting a technical education instead of going to college could be a better and safer path to lifelong financial security.  Trade skills have always been in demand and always will be.  According to the United States department of Labor, the largest job growth areas are skilled trades. Why? Because there aren’t many people brave (or foolish) enough to wire or pipe gas to their own house.  People have tried often with disastrous results.  Your electrician, plumber, or other certified technician is every bit as much a professional as anyone that wears a suit and tie, with the distinct difference that they actually KNOW how to perform a valuable service.


Trade Colleges in Florida

But there’s way more to it than the “old-School” trades, new technology has created entirely new areas where expertise is at a premium.  Health care, as we know, is one of the most rapid growing fields in the United States with jobs ranging from home health aides to physical therapists and physician assistants, the field is wide open to anyone with that calling.

Green energy looms large on the horizon and much in demand are people who can install photovoltaic systems and those who can service wind turbines.  Having these skills means more than getting a job, the skillsets are a gateway to entrepreneurship. Consider any plumber or certified electrician you have been acquainted with – they either own their own business or work for someone who does.  The possibilities for growth and learning are lifelong.


Best trade/Vocational School In Miami Florida?

Florida has some of the best trade/vocational schools in the country and can offer an exciting choice of studies that will be sure to land you a lucrative career without going into impossible debt. Moreover, you will find that trade schools have a lot more to offer their students, beginning with smaller class sizes.  Smaller classes mean a better quality of teaching, meaning you have access to more and better information and personalized guidance.  All this makes for a much more rewarding learning experience. 

It’s true, with the average cost of a college education steadily approaching stratospheric prices getting a 4-year degree is beginning to make less sense.  Think about it, when you consider the bourgeoning cost of traditional college compared to the standard costs of learning a trade, the savings are considerable; and the lifelong earnings are comparable.  Add to that, people with technical skills are more likely to be employed than someone holding a 4-year degree. Why pay university prices when you don’t have to?

While not every school around can offer the entire spectrum of training classes, you are sure to find one in the state that will meet or exceed your expectations in training you for a rewarding career. Find the best trade school in Miami Florida at CBT Technology Institute, click or call is at 786-724-1478 to get your miami-dade county trade school education started today!

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