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Bad Attitude= BAD Vibes

A positive attitude at work and/or home can aid in a healthy lifestyle. No matter the role that you play in life a positive attitude will always influence a positive lifestyle!  Have you ever worked in a negative environment? Have you noticed how easily negative energy sticks around?  One thing to remember…. it’s all about trying not to allow those feelings to progress and being the positive person you can be.

Here are some examples of a negative work experience. I am sure you can relate to this in some way or another:

Whiners or Complainers Group:

  • Could be a group within a particular company that focuses on the negative aspects of the work environment. Usually having a negative comment and no positive feedback.
  • Can be found in setting such as meetings, usually the people/person that has NOTHING positive to contribute.
  • Employees that play the game of “Cat and Mouse.” Instead of working together
  • They feel lifeless and unaccomplished, filled with negative energy.

I’m sure we all know someone who fits one of these roles. If you’ve ever worked in an environment like this, you know how easy it is to get sucked into their negative vibe.  Have you ever had a day where you woke up feeling upbeat and positive but were quickly drained of that positive energy by the negative attitudes surrounding you?

Attitude is contagious! Have you ever had the opposite experience? You wake up feeling down and out. You run into someone you haven’t seen in a while and all they can do is smile and tell you all the great things that have happened to them. Their positive energy radiates and energizes you.

 Let’s talk about nine ways that a positive attitude can work in your favor in your personal and professional life:

1.   Career Success: Who do you believe is more likely to get promoted? Those who think positively and obtain results or those who constantly complain and say something isn’t their job?

2.   Stress Reduction:  You feel stressed when you see events or situations as stressful. Let’s take in mind, your perception is your reality. Change your perception to something more positive and the stressful feeling will go away. Instead of problems, see issues as a challenge that must you must overcome.  

3.   Less sick days and better productivity: Stressful situations can have a serious and negative impact on your health.

4.   Improve customer relations and improve sales:  People rather deal with someone who is positive. Research has also shown that professionals in sales who think positively and believe in the benefits of their product have much better sales performance.

5.  Become a Better leader: If you own a company or manage people, those who report to you usually get more from watching you than they do listening to what you’re saying. Be a good example of having a positive attitude in the workplace. Set goals and ask for people’s support in achieving them. Take a positive attitude approach to achieving those goals and to overcoming challenges. Your attitude and enthusiasm will spread throughout your workplace. A positive attitude is just as infectious as a negative one. Be careful about which one you’re fostering.

  • Improve team work: Teams are more affective when united. They can achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.
  • Improve Motivation for yourself and other: By having a positive attitude you can achieve your goals and success in general .
  • Improve decision-making and overcome challenges: See challenges as opportunities to grow and become better.
  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships: People like positive people. They’re automatically drawn to a pleasant and upbeat demeanor.

                A Positive Attitude in the workplace can make an amazing difference.

By: Rogerio Alfonso

CBT Technology Institute

Call Center Supervisor

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