Programs of Study

CBT College is dedicated to preparing our students to become industry professionals. Our applied approach to teaching, allows students to build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

International Students can chose from the following programs of study:

  • B.S. in Business Administration
  • ESL- English
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Technology
  • HVAC Technology
  • Network Administration

Bachelor of Science
Business Administration & Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBAM) at CBT College offers an applied approach to earning a bachelor’s degree. Our students are introduced to concepts and techniques that prepare them for the global market place.


Certifications will set you apart from the rest.

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Intensive Course
ESL (English as Second Language)

This Program is designed for those who wish to learn and/or enhance their knowledge of the English language and to learn how to use it as a tool simultaneously with the aid of Keyboarding and a new computerized interactive System that includes the following modules: speaking, reading, writing and spelling.

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Associate of Science in
Digital Graphic Design

Graphic designers are the link between the client and the audience. Their work with drawn, painted, photographed, and computer-generated images can be seen on business cards, TV ads, books, magazines, and even movies. Without the work of graphic designers, marketing, branding, and all commerce would be difficult. The Graphic Design Program at CBT College offers the first step toward a career in the commercial graphics industry using the latest in imagery technology.

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Associate in Science
Business Administration

Business Administration graduates have the knowledge and expertise to work in a variety of businesses and industries. For this reason, business administration remains one of the most popular choices for a college degree. The A.S. degree in Business Administration stresses key business principles along with real world applications and is an excellent place to begin your dynamic career in business.
Personal Attention from professors is our goal.

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Associate in Science
Electrical Technology

CBT’s Associate Degree in Electrical Technology is designed to prepare our students with the hands-on training to become a qualified technician with the abilities to succeed in this important technological field. Our curriculum covers current use of the National Electrical Code (NEC), reading blueprints, interpretation of technical specifications, and the procedures of installation, remodeling of electrical.
Become a successful Licensed Electrician

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Associate in Science
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology (HVAC)

CBT’s Associate Degree in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology (HVAC) is designed to prepare students for a mid level position in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating industry. Our HVAC certification program includes theoretical and hands-on courses in the installation, basic design, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial HVAC equipment.
Get the hands-on training you need

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Associate in Science
Network Administration

Get started in a rewarding and exciting career in computer science with an Associate Degree in Networking Administration. You will receive the hands-on training on state of the art computer labs to prepare you for the field of network systems administration, and to gain the technical skills necessary to troubleshoot and maintain computer hardware and its business software applications.
Become an IT professional at CBT College.

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