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Real Career Experience
At CBT College, all students with at least 80% of their degree program completed are eligible to be a part of the Tech Trooper, PhotoDesign Studio, and the Outreach Health Center division as part of CBT’s Real Career Experience Programs. You may be wondering what Tech Troopers, PhotoDesign Studios, and the Outreach Health Center are. These three divisions of CBT College put our students into their field and gives them genuine work experience in the real world.

In order to get hired in this fast-paced, competitive world we live in, a person must have at least three years of proper work experience, in addition to the educational credentials. Most recently graduated college students have the education required, but don’t have the necessary experience sought by companies. Tech Troopers, PhotoDesign Studio, and the OHC give our students that much needed experience. These programs are run under the supervision of certified staff and faculty at CBT College, and the services are offered to the community for the lowest cost in the marketplace. CBT is the only college in South Florida offering such programs to its students, and continues to seek other opportunities to create platforms that will bring about success and prosperity for our students! 
  Tech Troopers


In the Tech Troopers division the focus is Technology. CBT College professors and students provide tech services to the community in the areas of study that they are being trained in. This gives students the opportunity to put their skills to work in “real-world” situations. Tech Troopers provides services in Computer repairs, Graphic Design, HVAC and Electrical repair. Please visit the official Tech Trooper’s website at: 
  Photo Design Studio
Photo Design Studio


Photo Design Studio is a training program where Graphic Design students are taken to heavily populated venues with hi-tech equipment to take live photos of people and “photoshop” them to manipulate their photos to mimic celebrities, place them in unusual settings and then implement special effects. This process is LIVE so students must demonstrate their speedy abilities.
Please visit the Photo Design Studio portfolio by clicking here.
  Outreach Health Center (OHC)
OutReach Health Center


In order to provide our students with excellent work experience to our medical students, as well as to meet a much needed service in the area, OHC provides: Cholesterol checks, Glucose, Blood Group, Pregnancy Test, Blood Pressure and Vital Signs, Pulseoximetry, Electrocardiogram/Spirometry as well as Health and Nutrition education. 
I you want more information about CBT’s Real Career Experience, call us now 1-888-281-4330 and schedule a tour of our campus so you can see firsthand how CBT students employ the hands-on training they receive at CBT College.