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Career Services

The Career Services Department was established with the goal of assisting our students in finding a job where they can apply the skills learned in their respected career upon graduation. We also provide resources, information and techniques to prepare students to be competitive in today’s job market.

Sharpening Tools: In order to assure that the student graduates from CBT College with the knowledge and marketable skills necessary to successfully insert themselves in the real-world job market, the job placement department provides the following workshops:

  • Goal Setting and why is it important
  • Time Management tips
  • Assistance with career planning
  • Employment Mock interviews
  • Resume writing and cover letters
  • Internships & Externship
  • How to Work Job Fairs
  • Professional development
  • Guest speakers specialized in the different career fields
  • Real-world case studies based on career path

Job Search:  The placement department establishes and maintains contacts with employers, including governmental agencies, business, and industrial firms, as well as public services offices, both local and national, to obtain viable job leads.

  • Job listing and referral services
  • On-campus recruiting
  • Internship & Externship recruiting
  • Job fair field trips

Employment Statistics

Obtain the latest information on the highest paying jobs, the trends for the future, and the career in demand. Right here on

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Sharpening Tools

Need to polish you resume? Need to get coaching on how to have great interview skills? learn more about CBT College Career Placement Department.

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Schedule an Appointment

Are you a CBT Graduate and need to schedule an appointment with your Career Placement Officer? Use this form to schedule a meeting with the officer at one of our campus locations. 

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