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High School Students
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High School Students

The time has come to make that decision: College!
As the job market gets even tighter, you need to get ahead by taking a smart step in your academic journey: CBT College.

At CBT College you just don’t get schooled,

Here are four reasons why CBT College is a smart decision to get ahead faster:

  1. TIME: CBT College is a “non-traditional” college, which means, that you will be enrolled in a year-round associate program. This will enable you to finish you’re Associate Degree in just under 2 years; hence, getting ahead faster.
  2. COST: Before you enroll in a 4 year University for a Bachelors Program straight from High School, consider doing your Associate at CBT College, then transfer to any 4 year University! You will be cutting your tuition costs & book costs in half because of CBT College’s competitive tuition rates and exclusive scholarship programs.
  3. ADVANTAGE: Take advantage of CBT College's Career Placement services which will be available to you even after you graduate. Anything from how to write a resume, to internship opportunities available in your area, CBT’s Career Placement Department got you covered.
  4. TECHNOLOGY: Upon your first term of enrollment at CBT College, you will be receive a Laptop Computer* to complement the curriculum and the subjects taught at the College.

*Subject to financial aid funds availability.

Admission Requirements:

  • Complete the Initial Interview: The initial interview at CBT College is easy but very important. Each prospective student must meet and complete an interview with a CBT College Admissions Representative on campus.  In addition, the prospective student must meet all other general and specific admission requirements such as those regarding documentation, prior education, and evaluation of proficiency in the basic and prerequisite skills needed for college-level work.
  • Documentation: All prospecting students are required to provide a valid Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Residency Card / Stamped Parole card (If applicable), two (2) personal references including name, phone number and address. Also, each applicant must have earned one of the following educational credentials: a high school diploma or equivalent, or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
  • Complete the Financial Aid Interview: The financial aid interview will help you explore all the avenues required to pay for your education and get started on you new careers with piece of mind. Each prospect is required to bring the Income tax forms for let last 2 (two) fiscal years including the W-2 Forms. Should you have questions about these documents, feel free to contact our financial aid department for further assistance.
  • Application Fee: To fully process all your documentation in a timely manner, each prospecting student must submit his/her application along with USD$ 25.00.

AP Course Transfer

CBT College makes it easier for those who took Advanced Placement (AP) courses in High School. The basic policy regarding the acceptance of transfer courses is to accept credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades (C or better) assuming that the courses are similar in content to the courses offered at CBT College.  

However, CBT College reserves the right to test the proficiency of a student in any course work transferring from another institution and to not accept credit in courses in which the student cannot demonstrate acceptable proficiency.

Learn Transferring College Credits >>

AP Course Transfer Procedure

 •   Only official transcripts from other colleges may be used to evaluate and/or award credit. Students must request that an official transcript from all previously attended colleges to be mailed to the registrar office at CBT College, Attn: Registrar, Subj: External Credit Evaluation.

 •   Complete the request for transfer credit CBT College evaluation form.

 •   Return your petition to the registrar at your campus. A Program Director will contact you if your assistance is required with the transfer credit evaluation process.

 •   Please allow 1-2 Weeks for the process to be completed. New students must complete the process prior to the first day of class.