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Ability-to-Benefit Test

 May 7th, 2012 will be the last day students will be able to apply for ATB testing. Please call and schedule an appointment before this date.

ATB testing will be discontinued: Public Law 112-74 amended HEA section 484(d) to eliminate Federal student aid eligibility for students without a “certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education or the recognized equivalent of such a certificate. ” The law makes an exception for students who have completed a secondary school education in a home school setting that is treated as a home school or private school under State law.

Ability-to-Benefit Test at CBT College in Miami
At CBT College we are committed to help you reach your goals with an education even when circumstances have prevented you from obtaining a High School diploma. For this reason, students that do not have a High School Diploma or Equivalent and did not complete secondary school in a home school setting, can still qualify for aid by passing a Department of Education approved “Ability to Benefit” test.
Students who pass this test are able to enroll into any Diploma and/or Associate of Science Degree program as well as CBT’s English as a Second Language program.

The test can be in Spanish or English based on the program of study that the prospect is enrolling to.


Note: Some Certification Exams require that the candidate be a HS/ GED recipient.
CBT doesn’t administer the HS or GED test.

Ability-to-Benefit Test F.A.Q.’s
Do I need an appointment to take the ATB test?
Yes.  The ATB test is administered by appointment only. Please contact the admissions department at your campus for more information, or call 1-866-626-8842.

Am I required to take the Ability-to-Benefit Test?
The Ability-to-Benefit test is required of students seeking federal financial aid who did not graduate from high school in the United States. Hence, these students must demonstrate they possess sufficient "ability to benefit" (ATB) from post-secondary education via their performance in an approved test.

What does the Ability-to-Benefit Test Consists of?
The Department of Education requires that students take the Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and Arithmetic tests in a single testing session. In order to "pass" the test, you will need to successfully complete all three tests. If you do not obtain a passing score on one or more test you will have an opportunity to retest ONCE after two weeks. Retesting will be in all three tests again.