Digital Graphic Design

We are NOT currently enrolling in the Graphic Design Program

CBT College offers a digital graphic design program that you could enroll in. This degree program typically takes students 24 months to complete. You will receive classroom instruction, as well as hands-on experience when you enroll in our associate degree program on our Florida campus.

The Digital Graphic Design program at CBT College will help you shape and build your creativity by improving your interpersonal skills and artistic ability; this could help you land a great job as a digital graphic designer; you could also sell your ideas to business executives around the world.

The designs you learn to develop and create through our Digital Graphic Design program will help you draw, photograph, paint, or create computer-generated images that could be placed on:

  • Business Cards
  • Web Sites
  • Company Buildings
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Magazine Covers
  • Television Shows or Films
  • Books
  • Advertising Merchandise
  • and moreā€¦

To learn more about the Digital Graphic Design program, contact CBT College today!