School of Modern Arts

Communicating messages and expressions through an arrangement of shapes, text, and images is something that a student who enrolls in one of the diploma and degree programs available at CBT College’s School of Modern Arts will learn to do. The career opportunities for individuals in commercial graphics could be very exciting, and stable. Before you jump into the application pool, you will need to complete one of the programs available on our Florida campus.

School of Modern Arts Programs

Our School of Modern Arts currently has two graphic design programs available on our campus. Those programs include:

When you enroll in these programs, you will learn how to develop an understanding of drawing board skills, creative problem solving techniques, color and composition, in addition to design and typography.

While taking courses at the School of Modern Arts, you will use various tools, including:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Computer-Based Software and Hardware
  • and more…

The Web Design diploma available through the School of Modern Arts at CBT College will help you learn how to use the knowledge and skills necessary to attract businesses and clients. You will learn the importance of a web presence in today’s market, and how you could use your creative and artistic ability to begin a successful career in this exciting industry.

When you choose to enroll in our Digital Graphic Design associate’s degree program, you will learn how to create a link between a business and its audience through your designs. All commerce would be difficult without the work of a graphic designer. Your work could be used in television advertisements, business cards, magazines, books, as well as movies. CBT College will help prepare you for this career field through our high-quality Digital Graphic Design program.

Career Options

Once you have successfully completed your diploma or degree program through the School of Modern Arts, you will have created a portfolio, which is always necessary when you begin applying for entry-level positions with:

  • Marketing Firms
  • Publishing houses
  • Design Studios
  • Television Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Corporate Communications Departments
  • and more…

Contact the School of Modern Arts at CBT College

Get your graphic design career started by calling CBT College today. You can learn about the various programs available at the School of Modern Arts on our West Kendall campus. Deciding to enroll in a graphic design diploma or degree program will be the first important step you take on the journey towards a career in this fast-growing industry!