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ESL (English as Second Language)

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El curso de inglés intensivo de CBT College consta de 4 niveles de complejidad gradual en los cuales los alumnos recibirán todos los patrones gramaticales necesarios para una comunicación oral y escrita mas efectiva. La práctica y evaluación en situaciones reales dentro y fuera del aula es frecuente durante el curso. Aprenda Ingles en CBT College con prácticas con aplicación diaria!

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This program is designed for those who wish to learn or enhance their communication skills in English language. Starting by the introductory and basic level, students will go through the whole course upgrading their knowledge in grammar, functional vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, speaking, and writing. Special emphasis will be made on listening, understanding, speaking practice focused to their main goal: better communication with English language speakers, better use of the language in previous or new positions at their jobs and even better chances to start a new career. This practice will be developed through the whole course in a very interactive style which includes not only the textbook but also the use of audio-visual materials (according to the level) such as songs, videos, documentaries and movies, along with interviews and surveys resulting from team work and/or teacher’s elaboration.

Program Highlights
Degree: Non-Dregree
Length: 12 Months
Credits: 36
International Student

Program Details

Core Courses  
Course Code Course Title
ESL 1 Basic English for Low Beginners
ESL 2 English for High Beginners
ESL 3 Low Intermediate Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
ESL 4 High Intermediate Listening, Reading and Speaking
ESL 5 Advanced Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
ESL 6 Conversational English for Advanced Students

*Note: ESL Program is a Stand Alone Program. Credits are non-transferable.