Microsoft Technology Applications (CGS1060)

Students enrolled in the Microsoft Technology Applications course at CBT College will learn four of the most popular office productivity programs including Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access® and Microsoft PowerPoint®. These programs help students deliver stunning presentations, create vibrant charts and crisp, easy-to-understand reports all using a simple, straightforward user interface.

Opportunities with Microsoft Office

Knowing how to work efficiently with the Microsoft Office suite of application can help our students increase their career prospects and open up new opportunities to excel in a wide range of endeavors – from small business to data management to retail sales and much more.

Understanding each component of the software suite can also help boost students’ personal productivity by enabling them to create actionable lists, budgets, and schedules. By enrolling in the Microsoft Technology Applications course at CBT College, our students will find themselves well-versed in a number of applications, adding to the workforce demand for greater computer knowledge and flexibility.

What Students Will Learn:

Using the Microsoft Office suite of programs along with professional, step-by-step exercises and interactive training, students will be able to:


  • Seamlessly integrate photos, charts, headlines and other information – all in one place.
  • Command attention using creative data visualization tools such as charts, cycles, hierarchies and other organizational structures.
  • Create to-do lists, budgets, invoices and calendars to stay on track – professionally and financially.
  • Manage data effectively including managing inventory, planning events, marketing to customers and more.
  • Incorporate animations, transitions and other presentation enhancer to deliver motivating, inspiring talks that energize the audience.

Students involved in the Microsoft Technology Applications course at CBT College will find that this suite of productivity programs will help them perform at their best at home, school, work and beyond. Whether a student needs to accentuate basic computer skills or work toward their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, the Microsoft Technology Applications course provides the foundational skills to operate this popular computer software with ease.

Course Materials

In addition to a trial version of the Microsoft Office software, during the last part of class, students will also be given the independence to work at their own pace, along with instructor-guided lessons and group projects. At CBT College, we believe this process gives our students a more well-rounded understanding of core principles used in computing technology. Exams will be given for each application, with a PowerPoint® presentation substituting for an exam for that particular program. Students are required to have a Flash drive to save and update their work.

About Microsoft Office

As the most popular choice in office computing applications, Microsoft Office enables students to perform a wide range of tasks to assist them in school and work. Learn how to create a workable budget that updates according to spending and saving, create stunning reports using pre-made templates and manage data in a way that makes sense. Each Microsoft Office application is precisely tailored to help the user become proficient in numerous areas of business, finance and communications.

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