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Managing the Small Business (ENT3024)

Students enrolled in the Managing the Small Business course at CBT College will learn how to successfully launch, grow and manage a small business This program helps students prepare for an exciting career in business management, by focusing on each aspect of the venture cycle.

Opportunities for Small Business

Learn To Manage A Small Business Knowing how to successfully operate and manage a small business involves a multi-pronged approach which includes market research, developing a statement of core values, analyzing financial forecasts and locating potential funding sources.

Understanding the development and lifecycle of a small business and its products can help our students increase their career prospects and open up new opportunities to excel in a wide range of endeavors – from management to entrepreneurial ventures, to small firm growth and much more. Understanding how a business develops cost effective practices, markets to customers and sets prices are critical to its growth and continued innovation in its chosen market space . By enrolling in the Managing the Small Business course at CBT College, our students will find themselves well-prepared for a number of potential careers, adding to the workforce demand for greater business competence and judgment.

What Students Will Learn:

By learning how to astutely manage small business operations, students will be able to:

Monthly Reporting For Small Businesses

  • Discern the key advantages to small business firm management
  • Understand how competitive advantage plays a key role in market and brand placement
  • Learn which facets drive consumer behavior and action
  • Recognize the role of ethics and leadership in business applications.
  • Define and execute a proper exit strategy
  • Understand how to set cost-effective prices by considering cost and demand factors

Students involved in the Managing the Small Business course at CBT College will find that this program provides them with a well-rounded foundation from which to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures, or to gain entry-level skills in business firm management -- both online and offline.

Course Materials

In addition to the course text, which revolves around real-life business case studies, interviews and exercises, students will also be provided with access to CBT’s reference library as well as course handouts. Because CBT College believes that the student’s experience with the material goes beyond the computer program itself, we may invite guest speakers from various industries to speak about their expertise in the field.

About the Course Text

Now in its 15th edition, Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures, places students squarely in the role of decision-maker, while helping them to understand how their choices can impact and drive a business’ future. Real-life case studies, video interviews and engaging topics help refine management techniques and keep students abreast of current market changes and challenges that affect every sphere of business growth and adaptation. An online student website and resource center help further hone small business firm management concepts and give students the skills and methods they need to lead with confidence.