Business Plan Development (ENT3114)

Students enrolled in the Business Plan Development course at CBT College will learn how to develop a solid business plan, complete with market research data, entrepreneurship operations and financial data. Understanding the foundations of a properly-executed business plan is vital to the success and growth of any small business.

Opportunities with Business Plan Development

Knowing how to successfully operate and manage a small business involves a multi-pronged approach which includes market research, developing a statement of core values, analyzing financial forecasts and locating potential funding sources.

Understanding these individual facets can help prepare students for entrepreneurship or small business management roles. By enrolling in the Business Plan Development course at CBT College, students will be able to create the fundamental building blocks that can help guide small business success.

What Students Will Learn:

By participating in class projects, interactive lab training and following the instructional guidance of their professor, students will be able to:


  • Accurately prepare a well-defined core values and business concept statement.
  • Conduct market research to analyze target customers for business growth.
  • Understand profit and loss and other statements to determine the financial health of the business.
  • Recognize the role of ethics and leadership in business applications.

Students involved in the Business Plan Development course at CBT College will explore all of the benefits of starting a business. Whether a student wants to explore small business management or marketing opportunities or work toward their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, the Business Plan Development course provides the necessary guidance and skills needed to start on the path to entrepreneurship.

Course Materials

In addition to the course textbook and the MyBizSkillsKit, students will also be provided with access to CBT’s reference library as well as course handouts. Because CBT College believes that the student’s experience with the material goes beyond the course itself, we may invite guest speakers from various industries to speak about their expertise in the field. To ensure that our students retain the material they’ve learned, lab tasks, quizzes, exercises and lectures will also be conducted to reinforce basic small business management skills

About MyBizSkillsKit

A portion of the course material can be found online via the Pearson MyBizSkillsKit. This course guides students through the small business development cycle, from concept to implementation as well as the unique challenges that affect small business ventures. In addition to understanding the core facets of business plan development and execution, students will also gain insight into the real-life stories and experiences of entrepreneurs and learn how well-known brands were developed. This web-based content also includes a download of the Business Plan Pro software which contains spreadsheets, charts and other materials that will aid students in the development of their business plan.

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